Thank you for stopping by, I'm pretty new to this blogging so thank you again for stopping by lol.  My name is Alondra and the little cutie pie next to me is my baby girl that was born in August of 2012.  Right now she is my life by what other way to tell the world how much I love her than a blog about our adventures plus hubby.  I am an aspiring History teacher because currently I am enrolled at Grand Canyon University to get my degree to teach History hopefully in a high school setting.  I currently work at a school as a secretary so it will be a change of scenery.  I love to take road trips and create things!  I always have a list of projects so there's never a dull day at my house hold.  My creations in include sewing, garments and other stuff, home decor, hopefully gardening, and asking my dad to help me with fixing up our house lol. I like to do all those things but sometimes I find that there is not enough time in the day to do everything.  Again thanks for stopping by!