Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Happy New Year!!

Its been a while....with that said hello 2014, this year will be full of new things I along with my tiny family have been so so busy!! We are in the process of remodeling our kitchen,  at the moment it is quite bare but rest assure it is going to be awesome walls are coming down and all new stuff is going up it has been a process but I know in the end it is going to look awesome!! Here is a picture of our progress...

Also as we come into the new year also comes new resolutions and my number one resolution for myself is to become healthy and fit.  My husband is joining me in this challenge because he got some rough news from the doctor a few weeks back.  I began this though a few months back when I joined a local boot camp in the park along with one of my closest friend it has been hard but I can see the changes in my body, not really in my weight but my clothes are fitting loose and I have already lost TWO sizes.  I am also doing my own challenge to eat healthier, so I started just yesterday doing the mason jar meals I went a little wild and made for 3 days LOL.  My goal for January is to get my stomach back, because alas I still have my baby belly after a year and a half.  Here is a picture of my first of many mason jar meals, I'm so excited about doing this and not only that they look so awesome and good, and they are pretty tasty. :)

In hopes of a great new year for myself and my tiny family I also wish you all a bunch of awesomeness is on their way!!


Sunday, August 18, 2013

I am a mother of a one year old..a month later!!!

Sorry that I haven't been here in a while but so much has been going on, with the summer behind me I went back to work.  This is the first week of school and so far everyday has felt like a Monday.  It has just been so crazy busy and I feel like I am drowning in paperwork lol.  I always wonder to myself I wonder how many trees I am holding in my hands today lol.  Anyway the biggest and most exciting thing that has happen is that my baby girl turn one on August 2 it is crazy to think that a year ago she came into this world with a bang!  That story I will leave for another day, any who Baby girl turn one and of course she is our one and only right now and we just decided to go all out!  We threw this big Mexican fiesta with a Dr.Seuss theme.  I decided to do Dr.Seuss because I just fell in love with the ideas that I saw on Pinterst, and it was awesome tiresome but awesome.  We made the trees from the Lorax, had pictures of all the Dr.Seuss characters on the windows, had a cake especially made for her thanks to Sugar Shells Custom Cakes & More I used her for my birthday and she did an awesome job for my daughter.  My mother-in-law made a piƱata Mexican style of course as the Cat from the Cat in the Hat, and I bought her the Book Happy Birthday by Dr.Seuss and had people sign it sort of like a guest book.  Overall even though it was really tiresome I really am happy that I threw it because even though she wont remember I will remember it.  Here are some pictures of her awesome day!


Her awesome cake! Lorax Trees Cat in the Hat pinata made by her grandma party hats and guest book IMG_1084 Overall I was exhasted and sweaty cause throwing a party in August in Arizona is so hot!! But I would not change it for the least it was the best first birthday ever.

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Summer so far!!!!

                Sorry…it’s been a while and a lot has happen.  The school year ended with a bang on May 23 and my last day at work was June 6.  I go back to work on July 22 and so far this summer has been awesome.  We went to San Diego right when I got off work on June 6 and we stayed at an awesome hotel in La Jolla. 

We were there for 5 awesome days and it did not get high than 75 degrees.  I miss it, I really want to move over there lol.  This trip was all thanks to my husband’s friend because otherwise we would not have been able to go so I am very grateful.  Emma had so much fun and of course so did my husband and I here are a few pictures to show you how our trip went.

Here in Arizona unfortunately we are in the triple digits when we left for San Diego it was 114 degrees!  This weekend it’s going to hit 118!!!!!! I can’t wait for this weekend lol.   Emma and I have been swimming in the pool every day I need to do some crafty things, get organized and exercise this summer.  So far that has been the summer, I have a few weeks left until I go back to work but the next big even coming up is the 4th of July I want to make some colorful jello and its Emma’s first fireworks so that should be fun.

Sunday, May 12, 2013

Happy Mother's Day

Today in celebration of mother's day the hubby, baby girl and I relaxed at home.  It was really nice for a change just staying at home.  We got up at around 7 because my parents came over to pick up some trash, then by the time they left it was only 10.  We had some yummy green enchiladas and I finished my homework.  To top things off it was another one of those rare beautiful days in sunny Arizona.  We got in the pool 3 times along with baby girl.  What a great first mother's day weekend.  I hope all the beautiful,  hard working momma's had a wonderful mother's day weekend!

My two loves :)

Baby girl after getting in the pool

until next time.


Thursday, May 9, 2013

Mommy Time!

In celebration of mother's day which by the way I get to celebrate twice once here in the United States and one for Mexico, cause of tradition.  We celebrate May 10 for my mom mostly cause its really tradition for her when we came to the United States she was already a mom of four so coming here she brought along her traditions,  don't get me wrong we still celebrate days here too but its nice keeping traditions like we still celebrate Mexican independence,  Children's day, Kings day and amoung others.   These are the type of traditions I want to pass on to my daughter our Mexican ones and American ones I consider us to be very lucky to be able to have different traditions from here and Mexico. Anyway I decided to treat  myself to some really cute jewlery.  I was invited to an oragami owl party today, at first I thought why would you have a party on how to make oragami owls lol, but then I researched it and saw what it was plus I got to spend some time with some cool moms.  We played a game and ate some food and it was just moms and daughters,  while baby girl is still to small to understand I hope to one day be able to do projects like that with her.  The charms are really cute I chose a camera, a pair of scissors,  a heart with foot prints, and a diamond ring.  The charms are suppose to tell a story of yourself and tnat is why I chose those charms.  I took a picture but its a little blurry.  So happy mothers day where ever you are in the world!

Sunday, May 5, 2013

Summer is here!!

So in Arizona when you hit April its basically already summer, we've already hit triple diget degrees here! Sorry that I haven't posted in a while its been crazy busy in my life lightly.  We've finished the back of the block fence as you can see and the pool is ready, we've installed a salt water system and man is there a difference.  Our pool is crystal clear, before it was really cloudy looking but whoa is there a difference now.  I can't wait until it becomes a little hotter and the pool temperature is perfect.  Baby girl has already gone in 3 times! I am counting down the days till summer break from work in one month tomorrow exactly we will be on our way to San Diego ocean front hotel vacation, I'm so excited! Any way what better way to start the week than thinking about the count down to summer!  Until next time.


Thursday, April 25, 2013


So I’d like to brag a little today, to my surprise when I came home on Tuesday and I checked the mail I received a letter from Grand Canyon (that is the University that I am enrolled in) it was a letter that said that because of my grades I have made it to the dean’s list.  I’m really proud of myself and have decided to make it my goal to keep staying on that list. I just started going back to school this past October.  It was a decision that I kept fighting with but knew that I needed to do it so that when my daughter gets older she knows the importance of school.  I’m working really hard to try and get the best grade possible so it’s important for me to focus on homework and participation.  I’m trying to work out a schedule where I can still blog and do school at the same time.  So wish me luck with my scheduling. lol



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