Thursday, May 9, 2013

Mommy Time!

In celebration of mother's day which by the way I get to celebrate twice once here in the United States and one for Mexico, cause of tradition.  We celebrate May 10 for my mom mostly cause its really tradition for her when we came to the United States she was already a mom of four so coming here she brought along her traditions,  don't get me wrong we still celebrate days here too but its nice keeping traditions like we still celebrate Mexican independence,  Children's day, Kings day and amoung others.   These are the type of traditions I want to pass on to my daughter our Mexican ones and American ones I consider us to be very lucky to be able to have different traditions from here and Mexico. Anyway I decided to treat  myself to some really cute jewlery.  I was invited to an oragami owl party today, at first I thought why would you have a party on how to make oragami owls lol, but then I researched it and saw what it was plus I got to spend some time with some cool moms.  We played a game and ate some food and it was just moms and daughters,  while baby girl is still to small to understand I hope to one day be able to do projects like that with her.  The charms are really cute I chose a camera, a pair of scissors,  a heart with foot prints, and a diamond ring.  The charms are suppose to tell a story of yourself and tnat is why I chose those charms.  I took a picture but its a little blurry.  So happy mothers day where ever you are in the world!