Sunday, March 31, 2013

Loosing weight

OK, I'm determined to loose weight since I had Emma I have only lost 30 of the 60 lbs I gained while pregnant.  Its hard three are so many temptations its hard to resist. But I'm determined I need to loose weight. I will be keeping you updated on my hopeful weight lose. Right now I'm at 170 so hopefully I will be able to cut some bad habits, one thing I will not give up though is my coffee I love my coffee. Plus tomorrow is Monday the longest day of the week I hope to get some things done at home and work on some of my projects.  Also I'm working on making this blog look awesome. Until tomorrow!




My birthday!

I tired to get most out of the day by getting up really early.  It was such a nice day outside and just in general it was just plain awesome.  I started out by cleaning a little my house and then I went to go pick up my cupcakes they were made by Sugar Shells Custom Cakes & More and they were just awesome.  Especially her fudgy moch ones, I am a coffee lover so I just loved them plus the fact that I was able to get them with such short notice I will definitely be using her for Baby girls birthday. Plus they were beautiful they were the Tiffany colors with small pearls on the top.  Then the hubby came home and made the Carne Asada and the guest arrived.  Everyone must know I'm a coffee lover because I got gift cards to Starbucks and a lot of cool coffee mugs!  All in all it was in awesome day thanks to everyone around me.  Thank you all!!! Love you!!


Friday, March 29, 2013

Pre Birthday Celebration

TGIF!!!! Today started out on a negative note but finished with a bang. I had nothing but complaints in the morning when I went in but today I got my pre-birthday bash thanks to my coworkers.  I got some pretty awesome gifts and I got fed. Not to bad for a Friday can't wait till tomorrow I will have to get up early because I need to prepare and clean but it'll be worth it. Until then I hope tomorrow flies real slow. I'm hopeful. :)

Thursday, March 28, 2013

There's not enough time in the day!!!

So remember I was telling you that I have so much planned when I get off work, I still have yet to get to it.  Right now I'm preparing for this weekend, my birthday were going to make carne asada and everyone is coming over to our house.  So I'm cleaning and buying things and doing everything to prepare.  I hope that I get to work on the couch soon but as I see things it might not be until a few weeks from now.  So let me tell you about some other projects I have in mind. A home garden, sewing up some vintage dresses, I need to copy the patterns onto something concrete so that I can recreate them more than once. I'll be posting some pictures soon and hopefully get a new background on this blog lol.

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

A little love for the hubby...

Its hard being a wife at times, I'm only just getting used to it and we've been married five years. I seem to loose time with him every time I plan my afternoon he always has something planned and all that planning goes down the toilet.  I can't complain though he loves me lot.  I really don't appreciate it like I should our relationship that is. Tonight we went to go see the premier of GI Joe, I don't recommend it only if you like really bad movies.  Hopefully I will be able to do the things I planned these last couple days its almost Friday so that's a plus. And Saturday is my birthday so it should be eventful this weekend.

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Getting ready for work

I'm a school secretary. Have been for about 3 years, but let me tell you I will never get used to waking up at 5 Monday thru Friday ten months out of the year to get to work at 630. Its too hard lol take today for instance I was 10 minutes late I would have been on time but grand was backed up with traffic, but I knew that.  As early as I get up there is just not enough time in the morning to do everything I need to do.  Being a lady of course you need time to get ready, also getting everything ready for the baby sitter, for the hubby because he gets to get up at 7.  This it what it comes down to, getting up early stinks, but I need to make that money to pay for my things. C'est la vie. Hopefully my afternoon I will have plenty of time...again hopefully..

Monday, March 25, 2013

Being a first time mommy

*sigh* My daughter is 7 and a half months old, she's crawling all over the place and stand up and walking on her walker.  I keep telling her to stop but...c'est la vie lol.  There's nothing I can do she just keeps growing no matter what soon enough she will be walking on her own grabbing everything.  I'm trying really hard not to loose myself and all my hobbies being crafty I plan on trying to open an etsy shop in the near future so I'm juggling a lot of things.  I recently took on a new project, an antique couch I got it at Goodwill for 20$ I find it to be quite a steal I'm really excited.  I'll be post pictures soon.  Since I work I really have to try and make time to do it, its in the garage and living in Arizona its going to become an oven soon.  My goal is to finish it before the end of April.  I've already picked out the fabric I want to use.  Talking about it just makes me excited, but I also have school to worry about so I need to really concentrate.  ;)

See you tomorrow!!