Sunday, March 31, 2013

My birthday!

I tired to get most out of the day by getting up really early.  It was such a nice day outside and just in general it was just plain awesome.  I started out by cleaning a little my house and then I went to go pick up my cupcakes they were made by Sugar Shells Custom Cakes & More and they were just awesome.  Especially her fudgy moch ones, I am a coffee lover so I just loved them plus the fact that I was able to get them with such short notice I will definitely be using her for Baby girls birthday. Plus they were beautiful they were the Tiffany colors with small pearls on the top.  Then the hubby came home and made the Carne Asada and the guest arrived.  Everyone must know I'm a coffee lover because I got gift cards to Starbucks and a lot of cool coffee mugs!  All in all it was in awesome day thanks to everyone around me.  Thank you all!!! Love you!!