Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Getting ready for work

I'm a school secretary. Have been for about 3 years, but let me tell you I will never get used to waking up at 5 Monday thru Friday ten months out of the year to get to work at 630. Its too hard lol take today for instance I was 10 minutes late I would have been on time but grand was backed up with traffic, but I knew that.  As early as I get up there is just not enough time in the morning to do everything I need to do.  Being a lady of course you need time to get ready, also getting everything ready for the baby sitter, for the hubby because he gets to get up at 7.  This it what it comes down to, getting up early stinks, but I need to make that money to pay for my things. C'est la vie. Hopefully my afternoon I will have plenty of time...again hopefully..