Thursday, April 25, 2013


So I’d like to brag a little today, to my surprise when I came home on Tuesday and I checked the mail I received a letter from Grand Canyon (that is the University that I am enrolled in) it was a letter that said that because of my grades I have made it to the dean’s list.  I’m really proud of myself and have decided to make it my goal to keep staying on that list. I just started going back to school this past October.  It was a decision that I kept fighting with but knew that I needed to do it so that when my daughter gets older she knows the importance of school.  I’m working really hard to try and get the best grade possible so it’s important for me to focus on homework and participation.  I’m trying to work out a schedule where I can still blog and do school at the same time.  So wish me luck with my scheduling. lol



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