Sunday, April 21, 2013

The Weekend and how to make Mexican rice

I've been playing around with my blog for a while and I still haven't picked the font I want, so here is a new one. So anyway this weekend it was a really nice weekend in Arizona before 12pm that is, after 12 it becomes hot. On Saturday I went to my moms like I always do and it was really nice all the kiddos from my side of the family were there and they were all playing together. I was asked about the prickly pear and when was it good to harvest. Well, spring time is when they come out, you want to get the ones that are just coming out )the babies) they are a dark green and thin, the light green thick ones are not good to eat. Here is a picture so that you could see the difference.

Remember when cutting down the prickly pear it is very important to be careful because of the stickers.

So today I want to show you how to make Mexican Rice. Mexican rice is a tomato base rice that will go good with any meal. Plus it is really easy to make and requires only a few ingredients. This recipe makes enough for about 4 to 5 people.


4 cups of rice

2 tomatoes

1 quarter onion

3 garlic cloves

3 tablespoons of cooking oil

Salt (to your liking)

1. Let the rice sit in water for about half and hour then rinse.

2.Add oil to a deep medium size pan and heat the pan at medium heat.

3. Pour the rinsed rice into the pan and be sure to be stirring the rice so that the rice is fried evenly.

Here is what your rice should look like when you pour it in to fry.

4. While you are frying the rice blend together the tomatoes, garlic, and onion.

5. Once your rice has turned a golden color you pour in the blended liquid and stir so that it hits all of the rice.

As you can see here the rice now is a golden color.

When you pour in the blended liquid don't forget to stir.

6. After you add the blended liquid add four more cups of water.

7. Let it sit while cooking in low heat until all the water is absorbed. It should turn a fire red color once it is done.

And your done!!!

Yummy Mexican Rice!!! Thank you mom for another awesome recipe!!  

Don't forget if you have any questions about making the rice you can comment, facebook me, or even twitter me!!! :)

That's all for today until next time.