Monday, April 8, 2013

Crazy Arizona Weather

I swear AZ is crazy with its weather, my husband has been stressed out so much today because of it.  We have high winds of 50 mph which in the morning he was afraid that the block fence would fall over, thankfully it didn’t and it just began raining.  To top things off we’re draining our pool today with the rain ironic isn’t it. There is so much work to do for the house I’m really starting to feel it in my pocket I feel like I can’t spend any money at all and payday can’t come any sooner. It will all be worth it in the end, with the block fence up I can start with my garden if it’s not too hot I’ll probably start with something easy because I’ve never done it before.  Then our garage is almost done so I can start making my workshop for my upholstery/sewing projects I got this really cool idea from Grosgrain regarding a table that folds over from the wall from Ikea, I don’t plan to buy the table but instead make a slightly bigger one with the help of my dad.  You’ll see me mentioning my dad because he is skillful in almost ANYTHING I swear I think I’ll dedicate a post to him and all his skills.  Anyway so hopefully all these things will get done soon and I can start my endless lists of projects.

 Here's our block fence thus far!! Draining our pool on a rainy day!!                    It's raining in AZ