Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Mexican Food & Grab Button

So first I’d like to talk about what I had for dinner, now I’m from Mexico City and finding real authentic Mexico City food is hard but I have found a place that is really good.  When I say really good it’s really good, now you ask what is the difference between Mexico CIty food and other Mexican food.  Well like here in the United States each state has their own plates so does Mexico.  Like when we first came to the United States we learned about the burrito here, now that was 20 years ago so I’m sure that it’s not like that anymore an burritos are known in Mexico City more. Anyway finding some good Mexican food is hard but this place is the Bomb!  Its called La Tortotota and I swear I could eat there everyday.  I always have the Machete which is like a quesadilla only better!!  Now on to my grab button I made my first one but I don’t know if I did it right hopefully I did lol it took me a long time.  So check it out!

Carne Asada Machete

Some good food!!