Wednesday, April 3, 2013


Today was kind of an eh kind of day, I had to leave work early because I needed to take baby girl to the doctor she gets a lot of diaper rashes but they get really bad really quick and I’ve tried everything.  The doctor gives me a special diaper cream ointment and that really works for her so makes me happy makes baby girl happy.  That was pretty much my excitement for the day.  Oh also we went to Home Depot because we are currently building the walls in our back yard hurt my pockets that’s for sure.
On another note I’m currently enrolled at Grand Canyon University to become a high school history teacher.  I have all my classes online and so far I have been doing great! I love it because it works with my schedule working full time and being a new mom.  I finish my critical thinking class this Sunday and I begin my new one on Monday.  I’m really excited because I feel like this has been going so smoothly it really makes me feel awesome.  So happy Wednesday everyone!
Good night from baby girl and I…